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Q. How can I tell if a celebrity on Twitter is real (or an imposter)?

A. Good question!  Currently, Twitter does not offer a formal account verification, which makes it really easy for people to mask as other people.  Twitter does prohibit this in their terms of service, and they do take action when "imposters" are found.  But with more and more people joining Twitter fake accounts can take quite a while to be discovered.  Here are some suggestions on actions you can take to see if celebrities accounts are real AND if it really is them posting (or just someone they hire):

  1. Visit the celebrities official website, and look for links back to their Twitter account.  If there is no mention of a Twitter account, the chances are greater that any Twitter account is fake, but if you do find a link you can be sure the account is real.
  2. Google "[celebrity name] Twitter" and see what comes up.  You are looking for articles from reliable sources to tell you if fake or not.
  3. Do a the same search at and see what other Twitter users are saying about the account.

These three steps should provide some very good clues as to the authenticity of the account.

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