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Q. I am new to Twitter and confused!

A. Even though that is technically not a question, we can "answer" that :) 

Charlene (@kinchie) from Crow Information Design says it best...

Twitter is a new communication form.  Until you use it, you can’t quite get your head around it. After you use it, there isn’t an easy way to explain it to others. Everyone must make the same journey to understand it.

She has written an amazing free e-book (pdf) on Twitter for new users that you can download here. Or, if you are the listening type, you can listen to the audio version here.  I suggest you take 20 minutes or so and read through it (or 34 minutes and listen to it) -- it will ultimately save you countless hours.

Then, I suggest you subscribe to our free podcast below and get daily tips, tricks, techniques, news, interviews, and more on Twitter.

Enjoy your journey!

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