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Twooting (Bo)
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Twooting Episode #0059: Mafia Comes to Twitter: Beware of Horse Heads

Thursday, June 25th 2009 @ 12:44 PM (not yet rated)    post viewed 6438 times

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Join Bo from Italy as he gets you up to speed on the business side of Twitter for the last week.  Much has been going on, some good, some bad, but all entertaining!



Rey Carr
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ReyCarr said on Thursday, June 25th 2009 @ 3:25 PM:

Maybe it's scary to criticize Guy K. But the fact that he says "he doesn't know how," or didn't delete the fake tweet immediately says more about him and his purpose for Twitter. He doesn't really care about followers unless they buy something from him. He's using his Twitter account not to establish quality business relationships, but to brand himself. It shows the ridiculousness of having so many followers that you don't even attend to your own account. This hack job brands him a TwitterTwerp as far as I can tell. Rey_Carr

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